A Ghanaian Girl's Take on London by Bernice Akuamoah

July 13, 2011 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

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One of the best ways to ease into adulthood and the end of summertime freedom is with an internship: You don’t always work long hours and therefore don’t have to shoulder too much responsibility. You can sometimes move to another place for a while and get a taste of some travel. And, most importantly, you’re learning job skills that will help you be a real adult in the coming years.

This week's episode brings together two staples of summertime: traveling and taking on a new job. UNICEF Digital Diarist Bernice Akuamoah, pictured to the left, celebrates her 21st birthday in London, England, far away from her hometown of Accra, Ghana. She's in London to complete an internship with Al-Jazeera English, and while she's working hard and having fun, it's impossible not to be a little homesick. Bernice also interviews her boss about the importance of an internship.


Here's the link to the first part of Bernice's London Diary, where we get to see more of the city and meet some of her friends when they talk about defying expectations for young women while they take the time to find their passions in work.

Music in this episode is Journey To The Moon by DjCode / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0