About Generation PRX

Generation PRX supports youth-produced radio. We help youth radio groups share their work through the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), provide a space for training and feedback and bring stations to PRX to listen, license, and ultimately, broadcast.

Led by youth voices and youth leaders, Generation PRX is dedicated to youth radio distribution. We support youth producers and teachers to help listeners discover the next generation of sound. Learn more:

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Get Involved!

There are lots of ways you can get moving with Generation PRX:

  • Sign up for a free starter account or sent an email to info@generationprx.org to start a PRX group account for your youth radio group
  • Start listening to youth-produced radio on PRX
  • Get inspired by YouthCast, Generation PRX's podcast through alt.NPR
  • Sign up for Signal, the newsletter for the youth radio community. Send an email to signal@generationprx.org
  • Write a review or apply to the Youth Editorial Board
  • Learn more. Contact Generation PRX at (617) 230-7311, or send an email to info@generation.prx.org

What We Do

Create an interactive network
Working with an advisory board of seasoned broadcasters and experienced youth radio producers and leaders, we've created an online space for youth radio groups to share ideas, strategies and materials.

Develop peer feedback to help producers edit and improve work
Through the online network, trained Youth Editorial Board members and Generation PRX members provide review and feedback to their peers.

Build a catalogue of youth-produced radio
As young producers upload their pieces, they help build an online catalogue of youth radio, the first anywhere. This storehouse provides a shared and growing body of content accessible to stations, producers and listeners through PRX.

Generation PRX is advocating for greater broadcast of youth-produced radio and exploring new channels for distribution through PRX partnerships with iTunes, satellite radio, Audible, podcasting and internet streaming.

Who Runs Generation PRX?
Johanna (Jones) Franzel | jones@prx.org
Generation PRX Project Director

Jones holds a Masters in the Arts in Education program (with a focus on media and technology) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After a training at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Jones became the bilingual coordinator for the Community Programs Department at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, where she co-founded "Youth Noise Network" to train young people in documentary media production. Jones got her Bachelor's in anthropology from Wesleyan University, and is fluent in Spanish and Swedish. She has been teaching youth media for over 10 years.