Advertising in Schools by Aviva Hirsch of Alaska Teen Media Institute

January 25, 2012 in Youthcast by Emily

Would a high school nutrition teacher think twice before condemning Coca Cola if she knew her paycheck was paid for, in part, by Coca Cola? Could a locker bank covered in advertisements affect High School students' spending behavior? What about ads in an Elementary School?

When the real estate bubble popped and property values plummeted, schools across the country saw their budgets shrink — a lot. Now, many schools whose policies prohibited advertising are reassessing, hoping to replace lost tax revenue with income from corporate advertisers. Just this week the Phillipsburg, NJ school board unanimously approved an agreement with a corporate advertising agency, and the town of New Trier, IL began discussing a similar agreement — something hitherto prohibited by the school board's policies.


In Anchorage, Alaska Teen Media Institute's Aviva Hirsch set out to understand everything about the issue of advertising in schools. Check out her story:


In our interview, included in the podcast, Aviva mentioned to me that despite the fact that she interviewed 11 people — more than she could fit in the story — she still wishes she had been able to include the perspective of a student who was really affected by the advertisements in his/her school. We hope you can help us out!

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