Anatomy of an interview gone wrong

October 15, 2009 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

There are good interviews and not-so-good interviews and then, in the case of the band Sigur Ros speaking with Bryant Park Project's Luke Burbank, there are interviews that go terribly, awfully wrong. Watching this video is a little like witnessing a 7th grade dance – it's squirm-inducingly uncomfortable, but also kind of hard to turn away from.

To its credit, Bryant Park not only posted this interview, but then sat down with music journalist Jancee Dunn to analyze just how this whole thing went off the rails (you can see the video with commentary here)

We'd love to hear your weigh in: What could have improved this interview? Do you think the responsibility likes with the interviewer or the interviewees? Comments, please!