Audio Luminary Wish Lists and Resolutions

December 19, 2012 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

We asked five of our favorite audio makers to tell us: 1. What's on you holiday wish list? and 2. What are your New Year's radio resolutions? Not surprisingly, we got lots of material to inspire us (and to add to our wish lists…)

Catie Talarski

    • Wish list: It almost hurts to say it, but my personal recorder is still a minidisk player(!) from my days at the Salt Institute. Mostly, I use WNPR’s Marantzes (Marantzi?) these days, but I want Santa to bring me a new audio recorder. In consulting the amazing Transom gear guide, I’d prefer the Sony PCM-D50.  Perhaps some offensively bright pink headphones, just for fun.  And, of course, a monocle.
    • Resolution: At the end of December I am headed to NYC for AIR/Union Docs GRAVITY Audio Intensive. My 2013 #radioresolution will be to get a bit more funky and experimental with sound next year. I host live radio variety show in Hartford, and I want to incorporate more sound art. Also, to produce a series of radio soap operas titled “Crystal Evenings,” based loosely around a dramatic performance my cousins and I used to do when we were kids.

Molly Adams

    • Wish list: I want a freelance budget! In public media beginning journalists and media producers work with us out of the kindness of their own hearts. They support their passion with less exciting paid work, hoping to be in the right place at the right time when a position appears. It's a quick solution to the "diversity problem" that stations are lamenting. I think newsrooms and radio stations would do a great service to themselves and the next generation of reporters by finding money to keep them living their lives.
    • New Year's resolution: I want to spend less time on the Internet! It's accepted that pretty much all news reading and information gathering goes on here, but I really want to get out of the idle loops of clicking between Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, waiting for them to update with someone else's content to appear. I should be creating my own.

Jay Allison

    • Wish list: I'm an inveterate electronics consumerist and need to control my Wish List tendencies. My wish is to make better work with the tools I have. (I would, however, like a Focal Subwoofer to go with my CMS-50 Nearfield Monitors).
    • New Year's resolution: Same answer (without the Subwoofer).

Yowei Shaw

    • Wish list: Home studio monitor speakers (M Audio Studiophile AV40 Powered Monitor Speakers) and new mixer (Yamaha MW10 Channel Mixer with USB output). And 2 more recording kits for Philly Youth Radio!
    • Resolution:To stop tracking in my housemate's closet and finally set up a DIY tracking studio in my own room (blankets included).

Veralyn Williams

  • Wish list: 1) An iPhone Mic attachment (like the iRig Handheld Mic) to make recording good quality interviews even more convenient. 2) A bigger display (like the Apple – Thunderbolt Display) for my  laptop, to make editing at home easier and more efficient. 3) A fancy looking journal, with an inspirational quote on the cover (like this one)
  • New Year's resolution: 1) I want to write more, and I mean pen to notebook writing– so I can't edit my thoughts as much. 2) Manage my time better, and work smarter during projects. ie: story plan before I start interviewing
    3)Procrastinate less!