Big Loose Fear by Jennie Gruber of Sarah Lawrence College Radio

December 28, 2011 in Youthcast by Emily


"Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be as uncivilized again," Jennie Gruber asks at the end of this week's featured story, Big Loose Fear. Hers is the kind of story that makes you think "nothing makes good radio like good writing," then adding "or good sound… and composition…."


It's no wonder Jennie is a great writer and producer, since she's getting a Masters in Creative Writing at Sarah Lawrence College, where she produced this piece with Sarah Lawrence College Radio under the tutelage of celebrated public radio producer, Ann Heppermann. In the story,  Jennie recalls her post-college years collecting garbage for a recycling company in Santa Cruz, CA; her enterprising (and often homeless) customers, and the impact all of this had on her present self.

This is a fun one, so sit back and enjoy.


Images by D'Arcy Norman and Timothy Takemoto.