Bullied: Teen Stories from GenerationPRX, with hosts Council Brandon and Peython Echelson-Russell

March 7, 2012 in Youthcast by Emily


Bullying is a hot topic these days. In fact, 5 newspapers have published stories about bullying in the last hour, judging from my Google results.  Until now, much of the national conversation was being carried out by the people who understood it the least: adults.  As Council Brandon — one of the people featured in this week's podcast — put it to me:

“You may be an adult and you were bullied in high school or middle school, but that was a long time ago,” she continued, “there wasn’t the media of today, the environment wasn’t the same, so I think until you’ve actually experienced it in this time, you can’t discuss it very accurately.”

Council Brandon and co-host Peython Echelson-Russell are in high school. They know what it’s like to be bullied, and to be a bully.  Together they hosted Bullied: Teen Stories from Generation PRX, an hour-long documentary featuring stories by and about young people, across the nation and the world. Bullied was produced by Catie Talarski and Connecticut Public Radio, and is presented by PRX.  In this week’s podcast, I speak with Council and Peython to find out what it’s like to host a documentary — especially when the subject is close to your heart.

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Our podcast, including Segment A of the documentary:


The full documentary:

Image: Council Brandon, provided by Connecticut Public Radio.