Bullied: Teen Stories from Generation PRX

Young people around the country – and around the globe – witness bullying in nearly every aspect of their lives.  But while the news media report on the tragic consequences of bullying, we rarely get to hear what young people themselves think about the problem.  Until now.  Bullied: Teen Stories from Generation PRX is an hour of stories hosted and produced by teens.  From getting bullied at school, to looking at what programs actually work, Bullied brings listeners a perspective they won't find anywhere else.


About the Project:

In the fall of 2011, with support from Motorola Mobility Foundation, Generation PRX asked our nationwide network of youth producers to send us their pitches on stories about bullying in order to create an hour-long show of teen voices on bullying.They answered!  From Chicago to Anchorage, compelling stories came in.  We assembled a panel of youth and veteran producers to review the many submissions and select five finalists: Blunt Youth Radio Project (Maine), Hear in the City (L.A.), Middletown Youth Radio Project (Connecticut), Alaska Teen Media Institute and ZUMIX Radio (Boston).

Each producer group received a recording kit, including a digital flash recorder, microphone and Hindenburg audio editing software (a $500 value).  Monthly training webinars supported the teen producers in selecting, creating and sharing their stories.  WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio, led by producer Catie Talarski, signed on to produce the hour and work with teen hosts Council Brandon and Peython Echelson-Russell. LatitudeNews.com partnered to provide an international perspective on bullying. Bullied: Teen Stories from Generation PRX is produced WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio and presented by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.






Meet the hosts

Council Brandon

Council Brandon is a freshman at Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut. She lives in Hartford with her parents, two brothers, and one cat. She enjoys acting, directing, dancing, writing, reading, photography, and plays soccer, basketball and tennis. She was very excited to do this project because she wanted to give youth a voice on bullying, and would like to continue to do so throughout the rest of her life.


Peython Echelson-Russell is a 17 year-old high school senior.  Co-chair of his school’s GSA  (Gay Straight Alliance), he also participates in the Connecticut Youth Forum and is a student representative on the Connecticut Forum Advisory Committee.  A talented musician and actor, Peython  has performed extensively in school and community musical theatre productions as well as in the school band.  Having sung in school and community choirs for many years, he has also participated in multiple honors choruses.  Peython intends to major in music education at college while continuing to pursue his strong personal commitment to human rights and justice.


Get Help: Resources for Teen, Parents & Educators


Global Bullying Stories from LatitudeNews.com

Would Phoebe Prince be alive if she had lived in Sweden?

Fifteen year old Yasmine Gustafsson thinks so. Story from Latitude News.

See more international stories on bullying at Latitude News.



Bullying among teens across 40 countries

Extended Cyberbullying Interview with Dr. Sheri Bauman

Dr. Sheri Bauman is a professor and director of the School Counseling master’s degree program at the University of Arizona. Prior to earning her doctorate in 1999, Dr. Bauman worked in public schools for 30 years, 18 of those as a school counselor. She is a licensed psychologist, and until recently, maintained a small private practice in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Dr. Bauman teaches in the master’s program and conducts research on bullying, and cyberbullying and group work. Her new book, Cyberbullying: What Counselors Need to Knowwas published in 2011 by the American Counseling Association.

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  3. Hello,

    I am Author, Diary of a Bullied Child: Smell of Stardom and would love to be featured on your show. This is a really good show for teens and think I can add some more valuable expertise on bullying. In my book, it explains why a bullied child is targeted relentlessly. I look forward to your email.

    Best Regards,
    Tina Croom Pool

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