Do You Want It from Brentton Harrison of Fusion Youth Radio

November 16, 2011 in Youthcast by Emily

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By Brentton Harrison

Food.  It's powerful stuff.  Not just because it fuels our bodies or our activities, but because it does something deeper. It connects us — to the past, to each other, to places, and to the earth itself.  That's probably why there's so much radio about food.  There's the Kitchen Sisters, of course, who tell stories about community in a way no one else has or probably will.  There's PBS's The Meaning of Food  (Ok, I know, PBS isn't radio, but … it's close!) which asks questions you've always wondered about, like "who prepares the last meal for death-row inmates?" And "what's the difference between a Kosher loaf  bread, and a not-Kosher loaf of bread?" If you search PRX, you'll find 2,260 pieces, all about food.

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This week on Youthcast, we're featuring a piece by Brentton Harrison, a 19 year old culinary school student who lives in South Carolina.  It's called "Do You Want It," and was produced with Fusion Youth Radio in Chapel Hill, NC. Do You Want It not only asks and answers questions about food, culture and community —  it also features Brentton's singing, and the grooves of his high school band, Reverend B and the Wanna Bs.


One thing I like about Brentton's producing [and just general] style is the way he takes things that are light, and things that are more serious or complex, and acknowledges them equally. You can get a sense of that by checking out his images below. On the left, his gorgeous gourmet meal. On the right, his chicken and waffle sandwich.


Speaking of chicken and waffles, if you haven't tried it, you should. This stuff is seriously delicious. My favorite place to get chicken and waffles is at Roscoe's in Los Angeles. Where's yours?