Dolores Huerta at the 18th Annual Cesar Chavez March by Victor Torres of KUNM

May 4, 2011 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

César Chávez is a name synonymous with organized labor, nonviolent protest, and Latino civil rights. A name that is less immediately recognizable is Dolores Huerta. She co-founded the United Farm Workers with Chavez in 1960 and has continued her advocacy and activism for working people throughout her life. And she just turned 81!

While his birthday, March 31 is observed as a holiday in California, there has also been a movement to have it recognized nationally, similar to Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

KUNM Youth Radio attended the Cesar Chavez Day celebrations in Albuquerque where Ms. Huerta was speaking. She was interviewed by Victor Torres about her memories of working the UFW and her messages for activists today.


Victor has been on YouthCast as the subject of a story before. The reason Ms. Huerta thanks him so profusely is that he and a team of lawyers took action against his school when they were demoting him to less advanced courses because of his physical and speech disabilities caused by cere

The beautiful portrait of Dolores is the work of artist Barbara Carrasco.

Music in this episode is by podcast favorite, Daghoti.