From the Youth Environmental Editorial Board: Recycling Activist

February 4, 2012 in GPRX Blog by Alyssa Kay Richman

                   In the article "Oasis Recycling-one girl's journey," Noloyiso Mthana explains her lifestyle in recycling of paper, plastic, and glass in the town of Claremont. She has to take two trains to be able to keep the planet a healthier place to live, but to her, it's worth it. She hopes that everyone can pitch in and do their part in helping make the planet a better place to live. She says if we can't recycle something, to reuse it – that way we won't waste anything.


I was very inspired by this piece. I believe that everyone should take part in recycling, or saving energy by doing one thing to help this planet be a better place to live. I have heard many speakers come to my school and tell us to do one thing to help the planet, like turn off lights or unplug something that isn't being used or switch to CFL light bulbs, or walk to school to save gas and energy in cars. But it doesn't seem to motivate me very much, just to be told to do small tasks. But when I hear about others doing such great things for our planet, it makes me want to get off my couch and help save the plant in a big way.


Way to go Noloyiso. You have inspired me, and I hope you inspire more. We all should take our part in saving the planet. If we all work together, we can live on a healthy, clean planet.


Let's go green!