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Take one part audio works in progress. Mix with feedback and support. Upload to PRX. The Audio Exchange Project is your recipe for creating delicious radio for broadcast, one blog post at a time.

Brooklyn College Audio Posts (part 2) (2 posts)

  • Profile picture of Ann Heppermann Ann Heppermann said 6 years, 5 months ago:

    OK, so I should have back tracked and posted part 2 before I posted part 1. Oh well.

    Here are two more that I wanted to include in order to get everyone’s fantastic feedback (yes, the alliteration is on purpose).

    CONTENT ADVISORY: The students made these pieces for a college class and were allowed to explore controversial topics and use explicit language. Some of the subjects and language may not be appropriate for younger listeners.

    Enjoy Part 2!
    Ann Heppermann and Brooklyn College

    4) Shauna Fable “Lovely Little Fingers”
    This is a personal essay that Shauna wrote about what it was like to be different as a child and what it meant when she changed herself so she could be accepted.

    5) Casey MacNamee “Education High”
    Casey MacNamee talks to educators and students about whether “just saying yes” to smoking weed makes a person a bad teacher.

  • Profile picture of Tania Unzueta Tania Unzueta said 6 years, 4 months ago:

    Hello Brooklyn College Radio, thank you for sharing your work and opinions with us, and happy new year. Here are some comments coming from Chicago:

    Lovely Little Fingers: I was really glad to hear this piece because it is important to hear from voices that we as society don’t often hear from. I think it’s great that we only hear the introduction, and then the story is told in full from a first point perspective. Thank you for sharing this important experience. If you wanted to put more production time into it, I can hear children laughing far away in the background when she talks about being made fun of, and perhaps other sound effects, not so much so though that it would take away from the story telling.

    Education High: I was a little surprised by the subject, but I like it. I think that it is a something that is often talked about amongst youth and students, but don’t hear about in the media or as a serios topic of discussion – often just as rumors. Love the sound effects, of the lighter, it adds to the ambiance, and the chill background beat. I do have a few other comments: I would have liked to hear from an administrator, or even about whether there are any school policies about drug usage amongst teachers (I don’t think it’s enough to just ask the teacher if it is something that has been talked about before, although it’s good that you did – It’s great that you got a teacher to talk about it on tape at all!). Also, I am not convinced that you have “dispelled the myth” that drug users are “productive members of society.” As much as this may be true, your piece shows that this particular teacher, and perhaps other teachers (but not necessarily all) can be smokers and productive members of society, and that their students might even think it is a positive thing – but i am not convinced that ALL drug users can be “productive members of society.” In my opinion you need to have a more precise conclusion (less general). Also, it would be nice to hear some female voices.

    Tania Unzueta
    WRTE Producer