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Take one part audio works in progress. Mix with feedback and support. Upload to PRX. The Audio Exchange Project is your recipe for creating delicious radio for broadcast, one blog post at a time.

Curie Youth Radio Pieces Looking for Feedback (3 posts)

  • Profile picture of sarah levine sarah levine said 6 years ago:

    Hi, everyone. We have just finished our first, VERY rough drafts of new stories. We would love feedback.

    There are three stories posted below. Three more posted on next discussion as well. Please listen to one or many.

    The first is about “Top Friends” on MySpace, and it’s by Alejandra, Jamie, and Natalie.
    Working Title: “What Up With Dem Tops?”
    Questions we’d love to you to answer: 1. Do you think we need a brief history of what “Tops” is? 2. What questions about “Tops” are left unanswered?
    3. We don’t need technical notes right now — nothing has been edited properly. We are most interested in concept and content.

    Second piece is about adventure and encounters on public transit, and it’s by Estefania. Warning: Curse word buried in piece, around minute 2:30.
    Questions we’d love you to answer: 1. Is it too much to play? 2. Are the acts appropriate? 3. Again, no technical notes necessary. We know we need lots of editing and levels work. We are most interested right now in what we need to add and subtract and moods created.

    Third piece is about how depression affects an entire family. It’s by Amanda, who wants to know: 1. what questions left unanswered? 2. how should pacing be varied?


  • Profile picture of Jones Franzel Jones Franzel said 6 years ago:

    First, let me just say that I LOVE hearing your works in progress! It’s exciting to see an idea manifest, and know that this is one stop on the trail to finished-dom. Thank you all so much for sharing this awesome work. Now to roll up our sleeves…

    Estefania: As someone who grew up taking the subway to school everyday I think this is a fantastic theme (who doesn’t have a crazy story?). You’ve also chosen something that’s tricky to edit, because it’s somewhere between a Vox Pop (like the Top Friends piece) and a series of interesting stories – you probably want to balance quick transitions and pacing that lets us really sit with the stories. This means doing some big cutting (which is HARD, since you have so much good tape. In some schools they call this part of radio editing “shooting puppies,” since it’s excruciating!). That said, here are a few things that stuck out to me…

    - I’d stick with the stories that really, really grab your ears (“want to see MY badge?” whoa! that story definitely got my attention! ;) I’d cut anything that doesn’t really sing for you.
    - If you set up the framework clearly in the beginning (it was difficult for me to hear because the levels were too low) you can cut all of the “this one time when I was sitting on the bus” or “once when I was riding on the train…” and go right to the story. This could make the piece a lot tighter.
    - The puke story. Now, this story definitely stuck with me, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing! The first half was funny and ohmygoodness uncomfortable (great!), but the second very odorous/jiggly descriptions, though well articulated, pushed the envelope too far for me. Could be interesting to have a discussion on how much you want to make your audience uncomfortable (not necessarily a bad thing!) This is where it’s up to your artistic discretion…
    - Music. Do you want to incorporate this? The right piece might help draw these different stories together…

    Awesome work, Estefania! Can’t wait to hear the final version on PRX.

  • Profile picture of Robert Rogers Robert Rogers said 6 years ago:

    Alejandra, Jamie and Natalie, your story is pretty cool! This sort of thing is probably rthe biggest reason i never wanted to get a myspace, i never wanted to deal with this top friends bullshit. Im sort of curious where you guys are gonna go for this though, is it gonna be sort of an ensemble piece with a bunch of different people’s varied experiences, or are you gonna try to tie it in to some sort of a narrative? I personally feel you can go either way with this, because the topic doesnt necessarily require explanation. Most people have myspace’s, and even those rambunctious anarchists who dont are familiar enough with the culture to scoff and snigger along with everybody else. If you’re trying to make some sort of a resounding social implication, which I’m sort of predisposed toward, it might be well advised that you include some sort of narration to sufficiently tie together all the top friends drama you have at your disposal. It works effectively on its own, but to give the piece a clear direction, I think it would help…Solid job, bros!
    ps. im with ouloud radio, and my piece has some rough audio that is desperately seeking criticism. Feel free to critique me up at the outloud group discussion if you feel so inclined….