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Take one part audio works in progress. Mix with feedback and support. Upload to PRX. The Audio Exchange Project is your recipe for creating delicious radio for broadcast, one blog post at a time.

Youth Mic Audio Exchange Piece (6 posts)

  • Profile picture of Youth Mic Youth Mic said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    This piece was produced by Esther St Cloud, Marlon Stennett and Diogenes Martinez over the past couple months. We would like your feedback on how the piece came together and what we might to differently in the future.

  • Profile picture of Xochitl Cozcacuautli Xochitl Cozcacuautli said 5 years ago:

    I liked the reading, it didn’t seem like you guys were bored. It was also good to see people’s opinions about the economy change from “oh, its not that bad” to “oh yeah, its bad,” although some interviews could be shorter. The answers are strong, you asked the right questions, and your interviewees gave good answers.

    The piece could use room tone in some places, like in the beginning when someone asks about how the future is uncertain (the sound cuts off abruptly). There could be better fading between interviews.

    “Next time consider delving deeeep into the unconscious world of technical edits” <<< K. Swan
    I think that it’s easier if you ask less people, that way you don’t have so much audio to go through. That also makes it easier to cut audio and move it around, and it gives you more time to work on fades.

    K. Swan Xochitl S.

  • Profile picture of ana ana said 5 years ago:

    It was nice to show us what people thought before and after the big drops in the market. Good follow up questions from people’s responses. In the future, u might want to avoid saying “and then we asked”, use different transitions.

    We can hear pops and and clicks from your recorder and some distortion from your interviews. You might want to raise your volume on the whole piece because it was difficult to hear.

  • Profile picture of sarah levine sarah levine said 5 years ago:

    It was a good start. I like how you tracked the movement of the economy over a 3 month span. Although creating a piece based on the economy being good or bad is rather overused in media today. Using it as a piece with yes or no questions is too common. Maybe using a personal story of someone who was affeceted by the economy might be a better idea.

    Technical problems throughout the piece are few. In the begining the interviewees weren’t faded and it seemed a bit abrupt. At 1:15 there was a popped P. 1:50 through the end the audio was too loud and distorted. 3:13 there is a loud mic noise that should be fixed if possible.

    Other than that GOOD JOB

  • Profile picture of sarah levine sarah levine said 5 years ago:

    Just fyi: That last response was from Mark and MIguel.

  • Profile picture of sarah levine sarah levine said 5 years ago:

    Just fyi: The above response is from Ana and Steven.