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Equipment & technical questions

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Equipment & technical questions

Program Set-up advice sought-equipment, class size, training, application process? (4 posts)

  • Profile picture of Dina Weinstein Dina Weinstein said 4 years ago:

    I am a journalist in Miami, FL running a Youth Media/Radio program in
    Pinecrest, FL, with the aim of getting the participants to air their
    news & commentary pieces (about the municipality) on the town’s AM
    radio station.
    I am also submitting a proposal to an art museum in another
    municipality for a youth media after-school program that would probably
    air as a podcast or on PRX.
    I write to you to learn more about programs out there.

    1. I would like to propose the programs purchase some digital recording
    equipment for simple interviews or recording voice tracks or collecting
    ambient sound.
    What do you suggest? We do NOT have a studio situation, but rather just personal computers and audacity or Garage band.
    My personal equipment is from the dark ages ( a sony pro walkman with terrible hiss).

    2. How many students do you accept at a time?
    3. What does training consist of?
    4. Do you have auditions or an application process?

    A bit about me: Columbia J-school grad. Worked in public radio many
    years ago and led youth radio programs at WDIY in Bethlehem, PA. Now I
    write for various publications in and out of Miami.
    Very gratefully yours,
    Dina Weinstein – Miami, FL – c: 786.246.0644 –


  • Profile picture of Noah Miller Noah Miller said 4 years ago:

    It’s very exciting to hear about another youth radio program in the making!

    I’m sure she’s very busy, but I know Sasha Aslanian of Minnesota public radio recently made a tour of several youth radio programs around the country, and has a good perspective on a lot of the questions you’re asking.

    Here at outLoud Radio we are in the busiest part of our year right now, but when things quiet down I’d be happy to talk with you. Better yet, soon we’ll have a complete written curriculum that we can share. Hopefully in a couple months.

    Best of luck,

  • Profile picture of Jones Franzel Jones Franzel said 3 years, 11 months ago:

    Hi Dina,

    Thanks so much for writing – this sounds like a really exciting project, and you’re asking great questions. Noah’s advice to talk to Sasha is great, since she may have a very recent portrait of the field, and – unfortunately – the answer to most of your questions is… it depends! I’m going to add your email to the list we have specifically for youth radio leaders, and encourage you to repost there, in case leaders aren’t trolling GPRX. I’m also happy to talk more on the phone or via email, if it’d be of use. Just give a shout to jones[at]prx[dot]org.

    For now, here’s a small sampling:
    1. Flash recorders are the thing, these days, and many groups on a budget opt for the H2 or the Tascam DR-07. Luckily, has a fantastic side by side comparison of recorders that’s really worth investigating:

    2. Most groups have a ratio of roughly 1 adult to 4-6 kids… with many examples of more and fewer. Radio tends to be mentor-heavy, but once you have an initial group, you can always recruit students as peer teachers, a great way to build the work.

    3/4. These are big “it depends” questions! What are your final goals with the project? What skills do you need to build? What kind of longevity are you going for? See the latest edition of Signal to download the The Thinking About Programs handout – it might be helpful in honing in on where you’d like to go (and then help with the training/recruitment strategies):

    Hope this helps! Please keep me posted with any questions/updates etc.,


    GPRX Director

  • Profile picture of Dina Weinstein Dina Weinstein said 3 years, 11 months ago:

    Thank you to everyone who responded. I will be in Minneapolis, Minn this week and would love to connect with youth radio programs. Dina Weinstein 786.246.0644