Hello! Nice To Meet You!

June 23, 2009 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

Daring Journalist!I'm Molly Adams, the new YouthCast host and I'm very excited to be here! I'll be broadcasting from Chicago, Illinois where I live. Other things I do: I hang out on-air as a host and producer at Vocalo.org (see pic below, I'm hiding in the back corner), I work in a restaurant because I love food and working in public radio doesn't always make ends meet, I ride my bike everywhere, and I go see movies, concerts, plays, and comedy shows, because I live in a big city where that kind of stuff is happening all the time. I also freelance every once in a while, willing to take all kinds of risks, like over there to the right. Yes, I'm willing to get very uncomfortable and hot and dorky-looking for a killer story about… kayaking.

At Vocalo.org, way back in the corner!One of the biggest reasons I'm excited to be here is that I love youth radio. I am a graduate of Blunt Youth Radio in Portland, Maine, my hometown, and I started a student-run digital music channel at KRCC in Colorado Springs, Colorado, while I was going to school at Colorado College. Now that I've been out of school for a year, I'm pumped up to be back in the game of working with "the Youngs," as I like to call us.

Some new things to look forward to in the coming months: More Internet fun! I'm hoping to keep this blog filled up with content, so check back more often. Find links to audio, video, pictures, articles, anything that entertains me and, therefore, might entertain you. This will probably be the longest text post you'll ever see here. And of course, the podcast. Look forward to that every other week and start sending me ideas and leads. Check out my Favorites at PRX to see what I'm listening to and perhaps preview something that might be on YouthCast…