Hustlers, Street Vendors, and Farmers by King Anyi Howell of Youth Radio

June 1, 2011 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

One of my friends likes to make fun of farmer’s markets. Bikes! Hummus! Organic! Sustainable! He thinks it’s a bunch of yuppie stuff. And sometimes I have to agree: 6 dollar loaves of bread? 5 dollars a pound for tomatoes? I know I’m supporting the local growers, but I can't live like I have the money I think I should have.

Class division, and therefore in a lot of urban areas, race division, can make for food issues that go beyond having a farmer’s market in your hood. (Ever hear of food deserts?) King Anyi Howell visits a farmer's market in Los Angeles aimed at attracting black customers. The market wants to bring fresh produce to a neighborhood known for fast food restaurants.

Sarah Zhang, commenting on the piece on PRX, thinks this one is a little too local in topic for all listeners, but she (as well as your host) was impressed by the writing, editing, and voicing on this feature. Something to learn from Youth Radio producer and reporter King Anyi Howell.


Above is a photo from the Harambee market taken by Mr. Howell. His blog hasn't been active in awhile, but he has produced some great reports and commentaries for Youth Radio and for NPR. Check his work and be inspired.

Music in this episode is from a free album by artist Kurobear. You can download it at the Free Music Archive. It's chill. And dope.