Ness' Pick of the Month: Heros

April 10, 2009 in GPRX Blog by Ness Smith-Savedoff

Who is your hero, and why are they your hero? I really don’t have a straight answer, I could pick Obama or Robin Hood, yet at the same time I’m thinking about all the people that I meet on a daily basis that smile at me and say hello. The people that smile are my heroes. Actually, I would pick Daniel Bernard Roumain, a violinist who changed my life. Check him out, after you listen to “Heros” a piece that drops you into the minds of K-12 students as they attempt to answer the seemingly simple question “Who is your hero?” The variety of responses coupled with great audio editing makes for an easily accessible, friendly piece.

Listen to Heros
produced by Nithya Thiru and Nikki Navio of the Alaska Teen Media Institute

Enjoy April, I sure am :)
Ness Smith-Savedoff