Olivia Cueva's Pick of March: "That Twenty Percent"

April 1, 2012 in GPRX Blog by Olivia Cueva

Youth producer Chelsea Alston brings us "That Twenty Percent", a story that looks at a teen couple raising their child together. In response to the hype and stigmatization of teen mothers that is fed to us through television shows like the MTV series Teen Mom, Alston provides a voice to a population of people that are often thought not to exist. 

The role of a journalist is to provide information about people and places that the listening audience may not be familiar with. Most often, journalists act as our eyes and ears for communities that we have no direct physical connection with. Because Alston provides us with a story from her surroundings and environment, she handles the story with great care and appropriate sensitivity. She also strives to provide the listening audience with the story that is not heard in the mainstream. I trust Alston as a journalist and I look forward to what she produces in the future. 

Photo Cred: http://ymbhc.wordpress.com/2010/11/22/teen-pregnancy-in-south-kern/