Olivia Cueva's Pick of the Month: Bullying in a Community

March 8, 2012 in GPRX Blog by Olivia Cueva

Listening to 10-year-old Destiny Webster and Alexis Madera in their piece "Bullying in a Community" reminds me of LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman (pictured left) who, as early teens in the 1990’s, recorded their lives in the Ida B. Wells Housing Project on Chicago’s South Side. Like Jones and Newman, Webster and Madera record the voices of their community – voices that are not often given a mic in our contemporary mainstream media. Madera and Webster use the tools provided to them to present an unbiased view into the community they live in. Their use of audio provides the listener with a very interactive experience, making it feel that you are actually surrounded by the hustle and bustle of their housing development Traverse Square. I love this piece because it reinforces the power of community-based radio journalism and the importance of providing people with the tools to share their own story. In addition, it is also a part of the new show Bullied: Teen Stories from Generation PRX. I can not wait to hear what Destiny Webster and Alexis Madera have for us next!


Photo Attribution: siddhicineblog.tumblr.com