Our Name is Rogelio Bautista by KRCB Voice of Youth

January 4, 2006 in Youthcast by Jones Franzel

Produced by: KRCB Voice of Youth
Licensor: KRCB Voice of Youth
Website: http://www.krcb.org/radio/voice_youth/index.htm

From the perspective of newspaper accounts and police reports, Rogelio Bautista died for a word, a color, a number, his death jotted down as just another statistic in our escalating gang war…but that's not the perspective of the four narrators of the story "Our name is Rogelio Bautista."

These four fourteen year olds knew him as the cousin they'd crammed into a tiny apartment with, the kid who they played baseball with using cans as bases, the tough hero of their neighborhood…they narrate his story in the voice of this young man. Learn more about KRCB Voice of Youth at http://www.krcb.org/radio/voice_youth/index.htm

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