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May 2009
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Want to see what real collaboration looks like? Check out "Letterto my Mom: You haven't lost me," from Natalie Marquez of CurieYouth Radio. The piece is a moving, original piece of audio. Butit's also an example of youth working together to get heard:Back in 2008, Curie posted the piece to the AudioExchange Project as a rough draft. Youth producers from Maineto North Carolina wrote in with their feedback, Natalie edited thepiece, uploaded it to PRX and presto: It's got 4 licenses, 3comments and a feature on the GPRX blog.

You can head to the AudioExchange for a new round of online workshops. Or jump on boardsome of the other major happenings, including a youth radiospecial, a new logo and Zeitfunkiness galore.

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Generation PRX Project Director

Be Part of New Radio Collaboration
A Day in the Life… Teens & the Environment

Photo: Erica Marshall,

Together with New Hampshire PublicRadio and Terrascope YouthRadio, Generation PRX is asking youth producers tocontribute stories to "A Day in the Life… Teens & theEnvironment," an hour-long special that looks at how thedecisions you make every day affect the world aroundyou.

We want to hear about a choice you make during one part of your day- from what you eat and what you wear, to where you go and how youget there – and how that choice shapes the world at large.Stories must be uploaded to PRX by June 15th, 2009. Downloadall the details here.

Vote for the New GPRX Logo
Cast your ballot

GPRX is a network of producers with keen eyes and ears, and so itseems only right that you all should choose the new GenerationPRX logo. We've got four enticing choices, but only one willsurvive… head onover and vote! A future of webpages, t-shirts and stickers isin your hands.

A huge shout out to Youth NoiseNetwork producer and artist Aaron Garcia, who created theoriginal GPRX logo.

Raise Money for Radio
June Fox puts the "fun" back in fundraising

June Fox

When June Fox, the Director of Station Relations at DEI, introducedher fundraising workshop at the recent NFCB conference by asking, "Do you mind if Itake my shoes off? You can too, of course!" we were already hooked.And what came next – a million good ideas on how to raise moneyfor youth radio groups – actually did knock our socks off. Readsome of the highlights below, then downloadher workshop outline for more great ideas.

1. Make a list of the expenses you anticipate for the year.Include equipment, travel, dues – have a concrete goal to worktowards.
2. Identify potential sources of money. Know you'll needequipment? Negotiate an educational discount. Traveling? Ask donorsto give frequent flyer miles.
3. ASK! On air, direct mail, phonecalls – use every avenueyou can to ask, ask, ask.
4. Special events. Raffles, auctions, dances, benefitconcerts, craft sales – think creatively about getting people tocome out (and spend).
5. Write grants. RTNDF, Adobe, and Knight-Ridder all haveyouth journalism resources. Visit public libraries that subscribeto the Foundation Directory Online – use it!

Tools & Ideas
Recording phone calls

Photo: ChrissRunoff

Those Transom folks have done it again. This time, they'vedemystified the wholeprocess of recording phone calls for radio. From oldfashioned analog couplers to Skype, cell phones and mixers -Transom walks you through the pros, cons and how-tos of recordingsomeone remotely. All this, plus a Talk section for weighing in with your own questions and input.What don't they think of?

News & Announcements
Zeitfunkiness, PRX on iTunes, Hopi High Awards

Photo: Trophy Depot

  • The 2008 Zeitfunk Awards are going out to PRX producers,stations and groups with the mostest. See the winners and thenplan your attack to win that bunny award next year…
  • Thanks to the PRX Download Service, now you can buyalbums of PRX content on iTunes, including a terrific selectionfrom youth producers. Check out the whole selectionof audio available.
  • Once again, our friends at Hopi High Radio cleanedup at the recent Arizona Interscholastic Press Assocation,taking home a whopping 12 awards. Huge congrats!

Upcoming Date Pegs
Time marches on

Photo: SteveParkinson

Try some of these upcoming events for inspiration and as a tool topitch to stations.

May – Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 10 – Mother's Day
May 25 – Memorial Day
June – Gay and Lesbian Pride Month
June 21 – Father's Day and first day of summer
July – NationalIce Cream Month
July 4 – Independence Day
July 14 – BastilleDay