Andy Boyd Talks: "I don't trust any news source where the anchor doesn't have a speech impediment."

January 7, 2010 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

ICAndy Boyd is the producer of "My Socialism, which  we featured on last week's YouthCast. I finally got a hold of the man behind the essays, and he is one smart, nice dude. We talked for awhile about Spaulding Gray, whether or not WBEZ is an awesome radio station, being nice, smart and white, and when he's finally going to get a higher quality microphone.

Production notes: I myself was not using an awesome microphone, so apologies for the overall sound quality. Also: Cell phones! How awesome are they and how much do they suck? You'll hear some jump cuts with a busy signal becuase the call dropped a few times.

(Listen to the interview!)

Please check out Andy's website, He has links to places on the Internet where you can read his writing.