This Just In: Top 5 Goodies in Youth-Made Radio

May 29, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

  1. 2 days left! Submit your teen diaries to Cowbird by by May 31st for a chance to be featured on Radio Diaries and NPR. Or just browse through the gorgeous stories written, recorded and photographed by teens so far.
  2. Flex your chops: Full Spectrum Storytelling Intensive from Union Docs and AIR in August and December.
  3. Opening on the GPRX Youth Editorial Board. If you like listening to youth-made radio, giving thoughtful feedback, and getting recognition for these talents – you could be a match! Application and details.
  4. As part of the American Graduate Initiative, stations are looking for stories that address the dropout crisis. Check out the playlist and let us know if you have stories to include.
  5. Bandfu turns your computer keyboard into a musical keyboard.  No promises you won't lose 10 minutes trying to figure out "Chopsticks…" 

The Teenage Diaries Project

November 19, 2012 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

Deadline extended!  Our friends at Radio Diaries and Cowbird are hosting a  Teenage Diaries Project, and they're looking for teen  stories about life.  Long distance relationships?  Gaming?  Solitude? Whatever moves you, post your work to the gorgeous Cowbird site by February to be eligible for feature on NPR.  Some background:

To commemorate the “sweet 16” of the acclaimed Teenage Diaries project—where young people around the country are given tape recorders to report on their own lives for public radio—we’re aiming to gather at least 300 new diaries written, recorded and photographed by teens.

Get all the details over at Radio Diaries and see some of the stories that have been submitted so far.