I Didn't Know That (You Were a Muslim) by Tali Singer

November 17, 2010 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

When Beth first started college, she knew she was interested in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. But when she began taking classes, she found she was more interested in the spirituality of Islam than its politics. Then, in 2008, this 6-foot-tall, Irish-Catholic girl from upstate New York made the decision to convert to Islam. A confident, and deep-thinking young woman, Beth describes how this new identity feels natural to her even when it is causing tension in her family.

I Didn't Know That (You Were A Muslim) is a short portrait of Beth's spiritual journey by independent producer Tali Singer. After the story, listen to a conversation Tali and I had about finding a good story and why being an independent producer is not for everyone.


Couple links to help y'all out: In our conversation, Tali mentions apprenticing with Dmae Roberts and what a grant-writing beast Dmae is. In fact, she is a such an expert, she a has a great, resourceful blog on the topic: Funding Your Bliss. This is well worth a look through if you are setting out on your own for any project for which you need funding.

Tali and I also talk about the Third Coast International Audio Festival, where we met! Third Coast is a radio conference and competition for audio producers. Tali was part of the Pitch Panel, a session that allowed producers to pitch their stories face to face with editors of  national shows and popular podcasts. Listen to both of those pitch sessions here and here, along with more session audio from Third Coast if you can't make it until 2012. Tali mentions that this conference was overwhelming (and I agree!), so we both should have reviewed Dmae's article on Conference Mapping.

Hear more of Tali's profiles over at PRX.

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Storefront Library by Mark Saldaña

February 23, 2010 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

From storefrontlibrary.org

From storefrontlibrary.org

America is really great. I'm not just saying that because we are the current medal leader at the Winter Olympics. I say America is great all the time, but one of my number one reasons for saying it is our public library system. There are not many institutions out there in the world that let you take their materials out of the building for FREE. And having a public library system clearly instills this value of lending and learning into our American hearts and minds.
When Boston's Chinatown neighborhood had gone for over 50 years with a library in their hood, an community activist group called Boston Street Lab got a commercial space donated for a short while to make their own library. Mark Saldaña, a student at Macalester College in St. Paul, but a Boston suburb native, captured the last couple days of this project in sound and in interviews. At the end of this 'cast, you can hear an interview with Mark.
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