Youth EB Picks: Coming of Age 'Illegal' from MPR News

January 10, 2013 in GPRX Blog by dylan

Nineteen-year-old Brenda from Minneapolis, Minnesota considers herself an American citizen, but to the US government she is an illegal immigrant.  Coming to the US when she was seven, she was carried over the Mexican-American border by her mother.  Now, twelve years later, she lives with her mother, stepfather, sister, little brother, older brother and his son.  She had to quit school a month before graduating so she could work to help support her family, but has since gone back to finish her education and wants to go on to get a job working with children.

This was a well-crafted and interesting piece, with great interviews and an inspiring story.  The only problem I had was after the mother’s interview; it was a little confusing, but it made more since later on in the story.  All in all, though, I found this to be an excellent presentation.