Youth EB Picks: Space for a Big Sister – Philly Youth Radio

June 5, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Kamna Shastri

Photo: Kamna Shastri

Photo: Kamna Shastri

Recently, I've been ruminating over what it means to be a big sister. Between my younger brother and my younger cousin, there often seems to be a pressure to behave responsibly, to set an example, to engage the younger ones while still somehow maintaining a level-headed calm. Sometimes, that just seems impossible. Thien To’s reflection in ‘Space for a Big Sister’, echoes the challenge that comes with being an older sibling. Her answer to the question of how to stay sane lies in a room that she calls her ‘sanctuary’. However, even this room isn't exempt from trespassers.

With the sanctity of this place being threatened by other family members, To takes a new look at what it means to be an older sister.

The strongest part of this piece is To’s emotive delivery and the way she presents her story with light hearted humor. There are some segments that are hard to understand in terms of delivery. While To provides a good outline of her story and the conflict in it, I still find myself wanting more details. What did she do in this room that she considered her sanctuary?

This would be a great piece suited for programming themed around family, sibling relationships, and perhaps even challenges faced by teenagers.

For me the takeaway of this piece wasn't so much what was said as what wasn't said. “Space for a Big Sister” not only allows insight into how another person deals with their sibling relationships, but also pushed me (as the listener) to reexamine my own role as an older sibling.

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Signal: See Who Placed in the Zeitfunk Awards

March 25, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

Zeitfunk Awards

PRX's annual Zeitfunk awards recognize the pieces, producers and stations with the mostiest, including our favorite category: Most Licensed Youth-Produced Piece. The takeaways: See if you placed! View the full Zeitfunk results.

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Radio 201: Sonic IDs


Photo: Generation Justice

Vox pops are a perfect teaching tool for Radio 101. But when you're ready to move to the next level? Consider the Sonic ID. Sonic IDs capture "little fragments of life as lived by our neighbors." Just 30-60 seconds long, Sonic IDs force the producer to develop an ear for good tape. What does that sound like? Transom Story Workshop recently produced a pile of great examples, plus some guidelines on how to make them.  

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  • Looking for recognition of your work? Contest opportunities abound! See: Looking@Democracy, which offers 100K in prizes for creative media about strengthening democracy, the Digital Storymakers's Award for nonfiction multimedia, and Third Coast Festival's ShortDocs Challenge which combines food and audio (!)
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Musings on Love from Philly Youth Radio

February 21, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

"Twilight and other movies are just fantasies…you have to wake up in order to find love." — Jaya Montague, "What Twilight Didn't Teach Me About Love" from Philly Youth Radio

For the month of Valentine's Day, Philly Youth Radio offers three totally different reflections on love in their awesome new series, "At the Heart, from the Heart." See the promo video (for radio! We love it!) and hear the pieces below.

Philly Youth Radio – "At the Heart, From the Heart" (trailer) from aidan un on Vimeo.