We All Want the Same Thing: An Interview with Ahmed Hemeid

April 8, 2011 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

I gave a call to Ahmed Hemeid, producer of our most recent episode, right before his Biology class started at the United World College in New Mexico. That's a picture of him above, carrying his country's flag at a UWC Welcoming Ceremony.

Our conversation happened Thursday morning, right after we learned that the Israeli Defense Forces were re-starting airstrikes in Gaza in response to a retaliatory Hamas rocket launch at school bus that injured to Israelis. Now, since our conversation and as of this posting, 10 Palestinian civilians have been killed in these strikes.

It's difficult to find reasons to be hopeful. Since the first Intifada in the 1980s, the wars in Israel and the Palestnian territories of Gaza and the West Bank have been a back and forth volley of violence. But Ahmed says leaving his home has changed some of his perceptions. He had never talked to an Israeli who was not a soldier at a checkpoint. And the Israelis he has met at school had never talked to a Palestinian. Here Ahmed's positive messages of change and his stories of growing up in a country that is not quite a country.


(Listen to the interview!)

Energy Brat by Antony Jauregui of Youth Radio

July 1, 2009 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

Antony Jauregui grew up in Los Angeles and had a moment of clarity a couple summers ago while visiting his dad's hometown in Mexico during the summer. Check out the podcast and learn how Antony went from being an Energy Brat to an Energy Evangelist.


This piece mixes a personal story, a format you hear a lot of in Youth Radio, with sound rich reporting, something of which you hear less. Here is an excerpted part of the interview (not on the podcast) where Antony and I talked about form:

(Listen to the interview)

Antony is currently a Chemistry major at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, but he's thinking of adding Botany as well. Smarty pants.



Antony and his brother on the electronics

Antony and his brother on the electronics