Quick, Stylish & Mobile: The New Signal

June 4, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

SignalScreenShotIt's here! Signal, the Generation PRX newsletter, is now in a format that's just right for reading on the go. Signal is your source for all the latest in the world of youth-produced radio: from opportunities, to tools and tips, to stories we love.

This month: Stories of student debt from Columbia College Chicago, tips on getting studio quality sound without the studio, and playlists to enjoy (and add to!).

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Transom Gear Guide, Hooray!

October 30, 2012 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

A great big thank you to our friends at Transom.org for answering the question every producer asks: What gear do I need? Yes, we'll need to tackle the nuances of storytelling, the ethics of the interview etc. etc. But to get any of that down? We need gear.

As usual, Transom has a thorough review of equipment with an eye to the size of our pocketbooks (small, medium or large), and weigh ins from some of the pros. Producers can decide just what to buy and where to put their cash (hint: headphones!).