5 Tools to Build Your Radio chops

October 2, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

Radio education bonanza! Here are five excellent tools for building your audio chops:

1. Online tutorials from American Student Radio. ASR has been doing lots of exciting work since its launch just last year. Among their many accomplishments: a fleet of online video tutorials and .pdfs covering everything from using Audition software, to recording with your iPhone to making your first vox pop


 2. Transom Online Workshops. Transom, that great source for online tools and in-person workshops, is piloting an exciting MOOC-Style Online Workshop. Currently testing, you can follow the progress of the current workshop, volunteer to beta test, or sit on your hands excitedly until the official launch.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.37.21 PM

3. And speaking of Transom,  radio teacher guru Rob Rosenthal talks you through recording via iPhone using the free TASCAM PCM app. Producers with smart phones who claim radio inertia due to lack of equipment? The gig is up!

4. Those of you near the Bay Area can check out veteran teacher Claire Schoen's excellent Soup-to-Nuts seminar. The $250, 2-day intensive on documentary radio production takes places on October 27th & 28th. Learn more at www.claireschoenmedia.com

5. Look no further! One of the best ways to improve your radio skills is to LISTEN. The Youth Editorial Board makes sure the GPRX blog is constantly updated with the latest greatest work in the youth radio world.






Quick, Stylish & Mobile: The New Signal

June 4, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

SignalScreenShotIt's here! Signal, the Generation PRX newsletter, is now in a format that's just right for reading on the go. Signal is your source for all the latest in the world of youth-produced radio: from opportunities, to tools and tips, to stories we love.

This month: Stories of student debt from Columbia College Chicago, tips on getting studio quality sound without the studio, and playlists to enjoy (and add to!).

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2012 NYC Digital Waves Youth Media Festival

October 23, 2012 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

Throwing down at the Multimedia Slam

Dozens of youth media producers gathered last weekend in New York for the second annual Digital Waves Youth Media Festival – a day-long extravaganza of workshops, hands-on activities, and talks – all capped off with a multimedia slam and (what else?) a music party/performance/live beat boxing happening.

GPRX Director Jones Franzel offered "Telling A Good Story: How To Get from Idea, to Pitch, to Public," to help youth producers come up with story ideas, a framework to hold it all together and a plan for bringing the work to the world.  Couldn't make it?  Check out Jones' presentation online to help walk you through, and download this handy .pdf worksheet to bring it all together.

Not that there was any doubt, but youth producers are doing some *amazing* work.