Youth EB Picks: What Are Little Boys Made Of? from RadioActive Youth Media

March 4, 2013 in GPRX Blog by A.D. Quig

photo-4 (1)This piece about growing up transgendered is just the kind of thing the youth media landscape needs — peers talking to their peers about their part in big news. Not just because Cayden's story itself is big news — in fact, to his family this transition was just a matter of time — but because it's ordinary news that makes big issues easier to understand. It's a microcosm of a larger community that people would be well served to get to know better. Stories like this from CNN, or this from the LA times, or this from MTV, are probably just the beginning of decades of coverage on transgender issues. If we have an upcoming generation of reporters who can handle stories like Cayden's with creativity and earnestness, then I'm excited for more coverage of transgender life down the road. These kinds of stories deserve continuous noise in the new media landscape.

A great story that cracks the door open on the reality of transition inside a family – from kid to young adult, and from girl to boy. I could easily picture Cayden's room, his smile, his childhood; but also his transition – injecting himself with testosterone, standing in front of a mirror dreaming of a mustache, and playing Ken.

This story has a good use of scene setting and clip choice, with easy flowing writing and fantastic audio quality. My only gripes are that the story got a bit wordy around the 4 minute mark and lost the charm of Cayden's everyday life. If Nina could have talked to Cayden's doctor, Dad, teacher, therapist, or "showed" us instead of "telling," this story would have been darn near perfect. This is a very solid, longer form, human-driven piece that would fit nicely into a sexuality, youth focused, or gender issues programming. A great exploration of an under-covered topic. It's well worth a listen (and maybe a re-listen).