Youth EB Picks: Superman Gets Dumped and Batman Returns… Our Phone Call

September 4, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Milton Guevara


Superman Gets Dumped and Batman Returns… Our Phone Call” is unlike any radio show I’ve heard. It is a quirky show hosted by Graphite Girl (Madeline Ewbank) and Wonder Man (Srikar Penumaka) of RadioActive Youth Media. It is mostly fiction and a little journalistic vox-pop tied in.

In the vox pop part of the program, “ordinary citizens” share what they wish their superpowers could be. Many of the responses are classic ones like flying and invisibility, though be sure to listen for some super-cool superpower ideas.

In the next bit of the program, the humor surprised me. Graphite Girl conducted a phone interview with the Batman. While superheroes tend to be charming and sociable, the Dark Knight’s personality is definitely one of a kind. In the interview, Batman was off-putting and seemed to be giving his interviewer a tough time.

Not all of the program was goofy fun. The last story of the program was a serious account about a superhero’s love life. Lois Lane tells her story about what it’s like to date, and break up with, the Man of Steel. Her story is intimate and the details feel real. In the story, Lois becomes insecure. She feels she doesn’t deserve to be with Superman. Though many of us won’t be dating a superhero any time soon, the story is relatable. There are times when we all feel inferior to someone close.

“Superman Gets Dumped…” is entertaining and deep. The producers invite listeners to have fun.

Youth EB Picks: How We Relax: Teenagers and Stress

August 20, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Phuong Tseng

Photo: anhgemus

Photo: anhgemus

After reviewing 4 different youth-produced audio pieces, I would like to recommend Ali Ankeny’s piece, How We Relax: Teenagers and Stress. I enjoyed this piece a lot because it was beautifully and thoroughly edited from the beginning till the end. This piece also helps its listeners to feel relaxed while listening; therefore, the producer successfully makes her listeners experience with this podcast a pleasant as well as a stressless one.

I hope everyone checks it out by clicking this link:

For more description about this podcast, you may look at my comments about the piece below:

Ali Ankeny, a 10th grade City High School student in Tucson, Arizona, is very stressed out about her school assignments, exams, and when she loses things. Ali wants to find ways to reduce stress by interviewing her classmates and friends for some ideas. This piece, How We Relax: Teenagers and Stress, is a vox pop of Ali classmates’ voices and ideas about ways to relieve stress. These ideas include taking naps, eating, laying down while cuddling with their pets, drinking tea, listening to music and so on. Ali shares some of these activities such as working out, doing yoga, and dancing.

I think Ali’s voice draws her audience to listen to her podcast. By providing facts about stress and its impact on teenagers’ brain function, Ali draws her audience into the piece and makes them curious about what her story entails. I also like that Ali asks her friend to play a quick guitar song; that part adds a lot to the mood of the story and allows me to feel very relaxed and stressless.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Descriptive Words: Restful, Comfortable, and Mellow


Youth EB Picks: Wise Words of our Parents from City High Radio

July 5, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Kamna Shastri

Words of Our Parents ImageBefore I clicked ‘play’ and heard City High Radio'sThe Words of Our Parents’, I was expecting some sort of confession about how irritating parents really are. That is not what this piece is. The producer, Grace, does a beautiful job putting together this vox-pop piece, which is more like a conversation than your average vox pop. By asking only one question in the beginning and stringing on answers from various people, Grace puts together little nuggets of insight in a very powerful way. The casual style of the piece – no copy, just cuts – makes its messages all the more resonant with the listener.
This piece is a reminder to take the words our parents say to heart. While listening, I was transported to a place reminiscent of the safety that only parents can give. There are mixed anecdotes of things parents have said, some hurtful, some true; the wide variety only supports the idea that parents wish the best for their children.
One thing I felt would enhance this piece is a follow up. Such a follow up might be to ask the same question Grace asks to the parents rather than the children.

Maybe it is because of a personal recognition of how not to take parents for granted, but this piece to me is pretty flawless; it turns the little things our parents say into perhaps some of the biggest wisdoms of our lives.

Radio Rookies DIY Vox Pop Video

December 10, 2012 in GPRX Blog by Jones Franzel

Everything you needed to know about how to make a well-produced vox pop in 3 fun minutes. Thanks Radio Rookies!