Youth EB Picks: Have You Ever Been Waiting from Youth Media Project

May 2, 2013 in GPRX Blog by A.D. Quig


This piece from Youth Media Project
is a touching collection of stories. Each one is short and simple, beautifully written, and accompanied by expertly curated music that matches each story's tone. I can picture each of these in my mind perfectly — the kind face of a grandmother, the coastline, little girls flitting about in their tutus, and a lone picture on a wall. The descriptions are not too lengthy, the stories are not too earnest, and the narration holds my attention with perfect footholds for thought in between. The answer to this question is yes — we've all been waiting for something — but maybe not for moments as profound as these.

Of the many multi-voiced, almost vox pop styled pieces I've listened to on this site, this has to be one of my favorites. It's most notable for its global voices (from Tanzania, Canada, United States, and Uganda) that unite under one theme – waiting. Like a condensed "This American Life," it connects disparate tales in a way that immediately conjures memories and emotions. It lingers long after the first listen.

Other producers can learn from many of the timing decisions made in this piece. Each of the four segments last just around a minute, the pauses between them aren't distractingly long, and the music fades are artful. When pieces like these rely almost entirely on copy, it's key that the recording of the narration is the best it can be so the listener can focus on the words, not the audio quality. This piece doesn't necessarily fit perfect into any one type of programming, but it stands very well on it's own.