The Personal Side of the DREAM Act by Molly Freed of Weekday High

September 22, 2010 in Youthcast by Molly Adams

Yesterday, September 21, a defense budget bill that included the DREAM Act was blocked by a Republican filibuster. It also included a repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy in the military.

Carlos Padilla speaking at a DREAM Project Rally

In the DREAM Act, young adults who came to the States undocumented as children would have a clear path to American Citizenship: they could complete two years of college or complete two years of military service.

I’ll let you go to a news source to get the full details and analysis. I can only bring a you personal story from a young person whose life would change if the DREAM Act became law.

Molly Freed of Weekday High in Seattle, interviewed Carlos Padilla and his mentor, Roberta Lindeman, on what the DREAM Act means to him: how he qualifies and what has happened in his life that makes him want this so bad.


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