The Words of Our Parents by Grace Edgerton of City High Radio

February 22, 2012 in Youthcast by Emily


Perfection isn't easy. In fact, even attempting perfection is usually really hard. Last year Grace Edgerton spent a whole year producing only two stories in her radio production class at City High Radio, the charter high school she attends in Tuscon, AZ. The one we're featuring is a short Vox Pop about kids and their parents. "It was long, it was awful," Grace says about the production process. "There was this one particular thing that dragged out for like three weeks, where we couldn't decide on the ending song."

In the end, though, Grace says it was worth it to produce something really, really good. And that is exactly what her Vox Pop is.


Vox Pop? It's short for Vox Populi, or voice of the people. Technically, this is just a "man on the street" interview, which can be spliced into any kind of TV or radio story. But most often "Vox Pop" refers to a specific style of radio story, in which the producer asks one compelling question to a slew of different people, artfully cuts together the answers, adds some music, and voila! They've produced a Vox Pop.┬áIt sounds easy, right? And it is — easier, that is, than producing a short documentary, for example. That's why so many teachers use Vox Pops to teach their students the art of making radio.

Below we've collected a list of some of our favorite Vox Pop pieces and moments. We'd like to add yours to the list! Have you produced a Vox Pop you'd like to share? Or perhaps you've heard one and just loved it. Let us know! Post the piece on our Facebook page and we'll add it to our list pronto.

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Grace Edgerton is in the image above, at the far right.