The Youth Editorial Board (YEB) is a rotating group of three youth responsible for writing reviews of audio pieces produced by youth (YEB members write reviews of adult pieces too, but their priority is youth-produced audio). YEB members serve for three months, and receive support, training and a stipend for their reviews.

To learn more, download an explanation of the YEB. If you're interested in becoming a Youth Editorial Board member, please fill out this YEB application and send it via email to


Current Members

Sara Wiser Sara Wiser
WHJE | Carmel, IN

I am a high school senior and News Director of my high school's radio station. I love what I do here at the station! WHJE really is my second home. When I am not doing radio, I love playing soccer and basketball, hanging out with friends and family, and like any teenager, shopping and catching a good movie!
Read reviews by Sara
Phuong Tseng Phuong Tseng
outLoud Radio | San Francisco, CA

Phuong Tseng is currently attending Mills College in Oakland, CA. She is an incoming senior as well as a Resident Assistant at Mills. She identifies as a queer person of color who is passionate about social justice, storytelling, and writing.
Read reviews by Phuong


Past Members

Barton Girdwood Barton Girdwood – GPRX Guest Curator/Blogger
American Student Radio | Bloomington, IN

Barton is a senior at Indiana University where he created an individualized major in Public Memory. This past fall he attended the Salt Institute for Documentary with a concentration in Radio & Multimedia. He enjoys working at a slow pace; whether he’s working with slow-radio projects like The Bloomington Storytelling Project, teaching K-8th graders audio storytelling, or writing a fifteen pager for a Gender Studies course; Barton takes his time. In his extra minutes, he dreams up soundscapes and unexpected audio stories.
Read reviews by Barton
Milton Guevara Milton Guevara
City High Radio | Tucson, AZ

I have a nasty habit of making little situations more complicated than they need to be. Like when I’m driving to the pool, I’ll take the long way. Totally unintentional. I just don’t come up with the most economical solutions to any given problem. At least not the first time around. But in a way, this handicap has given way to little adventures. For example, when I drive the long way, I get to pass some pretty cool looking saguaros, and that is pretty cool.
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Kamna Shastri Kamna Shastri
RadioActive Youth Media | Seattle, WA

I used to think journalism was only about reporting news and spreading information. But entering the world of radio changed that completely. I love how radio and audio manage to capture the depth in a person's voice, and how it can paint a scene while still letting the listener imagine the visuals. I often find audio pieces more captivating than written articles or T.V. (as much as I love T.V.). Maybe that's why I like working with audio so much.
Since July 2011, I've been a part of RadioActive Youth Media in Seattle. My topics of interest are: music, ethnicity, race and culture, environment and arts.
Other than that, I love to watch movies, play the piano, sing, attempt to knit, and make chai for my friends.
Read reviews by Kamna
Kris Buttafoco Kris Buttafoco
Bay Area Video Coalition | San Francisco, CA

Hi I'm Kris, I'm from San Francisco, I'm 18 years old and a proud papa. I work at the Exploratorium (interactive science and art museum), and I study Audio Engineering and Music Production at BAVC (Bay Are Video Coalition) and now, a member of the Youth Editorial Board here on PRX! I play music in a band called The Inq (, I've been playing music since I was 11 and really have fun with it. I like to cook and eat, both good things and I collect records, tapes and CDs. I'm looking forward to hearing more great youth-produced pieces.
Read reviews by Kris
Adrienne Quig A.D. Quig
American Student Radio | South Bend, IN

I'm a South Bend, Indiana native, and a recent graduate of the Indiana University School of Journalism, where I participated in as much radio as I could. I've worked in college, community, and commercial radio, and found that public radio is where I want to stay. I'm currently an intern at (the amazing) State of the Re:Union, producing a series on Scottish independence for American Student Radio, and will begin an internship with Talk of the Nation in January 2013.
Read reviews by A.D.
Chloe Espinosa Chloe Espinosa
Youth Media Project | Santa Fe, NM

I was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was conflicted about my identity for a while and I was insecure. Now, I'm finding myself and ready to inspire someone.
Read reviews by Chloe
Dylan Byrum Dylan Byrum
City high Radio | Tucson, AZ

Read reviews by Dylan.
Connor Parker Connor Parker
Open Orchard Productions | Palos Verdes, CA

I'm a student at Palos Verdes High School and helped found Open Orchard Productions. I'm new to podcasting, but I love it! When I'm not working on the podcast, I run cross country, play trumpet in the jazz band at school, or go on my quest for awesome food. I love eating, listening to music, and going for a nice long run.
Read reviews by Connor.
Christina Rucker Shayla Torres
Philly Youth Radio | Philadelphia, PA

I'm only eighteen years young, but I've dipped my toes in everything: from journalism (Editor of my schools Newspaper), to traveling (London, Paris, Rome, Spain, & Puerto Rico), joining a ton of clubs (ASPIRA, Student Council, Latin Dance Team, & Multicultural Student Ambassador) to writing commentaries with Philly Youth Radio. I found my extra-curriculars to be very diverse, reflecting my unbiased attitude and acceptance of all. Being a part of a laundry load of things, I found a passion for writing, deep within myself. I love picking up a pen, or the clicking sound on the keyboard, as my words express myself. It's therapeutic and branches out to a ton of sources, which include fables, fiction, and my personal favorite raw life. My words take on my voice. Commentaries helped me put a cap on my pen, and that instead of my viewers trying to put a voice to the words, they could hear it. I feel like this gives them a sense of realism. Something concrete. Now all they have to do is put a beautiful face, to my authoritative voice. Little do they know my powerful voice contradicts my small structure. But that's life.
Read reviews by Shayla.
Christina Rucker Christina Rucker
Hopi High | Keams Canyon, AZ

Let's see, something about me? Well I'm half African American and half Native American. I live on the Navajo reservation and go to school at Hopi High. I'm 18 years old and I love radio a lot because it gives me a way to say what I want about topics and playing music that I like!
Read reviews by Christina.
Rachel Snow Rachel Snow
ICA Teen New Media Program | Boston, MA

Member of ICA Teen New Media Program. Read reviews by Rachel.
Zoe Sheinkopf Zoe Sheinkopf – Youth Environmental Editorial Board
RadioActive Youth Media | Seattle, WA

Hey! I intern at KUOW through RadioActive Youth Media. I love journalism because it's an outlet for my insatiable curiosity; I'm especially interested in renewable energy and international issues. I'm a bicyclist, a writer, a thespian, and a high school student.
Read reviews by Zoe.
Ali Tahir Ali Tahir
Y-Press | Indianapolis, IN

I like an occasional round of golf and hanging out with friends. My favorite TV shows are the Colbert Report and the Daily Show. I am also a part of Y-Press, a youth media organization in downtown Indy. We do print stories for the Local Living section in the Indy Star and our radio pieces are aired on WFYI 90.1 in Indy. Both are a ton of fun!
Read reviews by Ali.
Olivia Cueva Olivia Cueva
Brooklyn College Radio | Brooklyn, NY

Olivia Cueva has been working in radio production for the past 8 years with a specific focus in community radio and documentary storytelling. Her interest in radio began as a teenager when she joined Youth Radio in Berkeley, CA. It was with Youth Radio that she produced "Ombre is the New Tie-Dye" a part of the series What's the New What that aired on NPR's Day to Day. She has also produced radio features for You Are Here, a weekly public affairs show on WERS in Boston. Outside of radio, Cueva has advocated for the medical rights for girls in Chicago's juvenile justice system, interned with NBC's television series 30 Rock, and produced television news segments for Brooklyn Cable Access Television. She received her Bachelors of Science in Broadcast Journalism at Brooklyn College and is currently interning with StoryCorps.
Read reviews by Olivia.
Alyssa Richman Alyssa Richman – Youth Environmental Editorial Board
Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Center | Carbondale, CA

I am a senior at Basalt High School. I am doing a radio broadcasting class with KDNK and when I heard about PRX, I couldn't wait to join!
Read reviews by Alyssa.
Jocelyn Rivera Jocelyn Rivera
Red Hook Initiative | Brooklyn, NY

I work to create radio pieces about issues that effect teens in Brooklyn.
Read reviews by Jocelyn.
Leona Smith Leona Smith – Youth Environmental Editorial Board
ZUMIX Radio | Chelsea, MA

I'm leona. I'm 16 years old. I'm from Revere, but live in Chelsea. I'm a busy person. Education is a really important thing to me. I'm very wise. I love meeting new people, and experiencing new things. I'm independent. I'm also compassionate.
Read reviews by Leona.
Jasmine Farmer Jasmine Farmer
Fusion Youth Radio | Chapel Hill, NC

I'm 17 years old and a senior. I'm a poet, also captain of my own poetry team. And I work with a radio program called FYR. I write/create music, tell stories, and make you wonder. All by just using my pen! I've gotten to perform plenty of times, be in an art gallery, and compete with different people. This year I plan on going to BNV (Brave.New.Voices) with practice and determination!
Read reviews by Jasmine.
Aviva Hirsch Aviva Hirsch – Youth Environmental Editorial Board
Alaska Teen Media Institute | Anchorage, AK

Well as I type this I am flying to a small town in Russia. I like to travel and go on crazy adventures and make radio stories about them. I moved to Anchorage my sophomore year of high school so now I have two homes. This summer I am working for Alaska Geographic making movies and multimedia projects!
Read reviews by Aviva.
Carla Zuleyma Roman Carla Zuleyma Roman
Stories from Deep in the Heart, a Project of Texas Folklife | Austin, TX

I will be a senior at Lyndon Baines Johnson this upcoming fall. I enjoy hearing audio stories produced by people my age. I love music. I just recently finished producing an audio story with a project called "Stories from deep in the Heart" a project of a non-profit organization called Texas Folk Life.
Read reviews by Carla.
Darin Johnson Darin Johnson
Hopi High Radio | Hopi, AZ

Greetings!! My name is Darin Johnson. I am a senior this year for 2010-2011. I attend Hopi Jr/Sr High School and am a proud Mighty Bruin. I am full Native American, part of the Hopi and San Carlos Apache Tribes. I am a member of the Eagle clan on my Hopi side and Red Clay and Cotton Wood Clan from the San Carlos Apache side. I am a member of The Hopi High Radio/Journalism Club that is offered here at Hopi High School. I was also a member of the A.I.S.E.S Club as President, Student Council as Sqt. At Arms, Academic Decathlon participant, as well a part of the Educational Talent Search that is offered from N.A.U. I have logged over 100 hours of voluntary service to KUYI 88.1 Hopi Radio. Working here has given me a great opportunity and hands on experience, working with a wonderful staff. With my previous experience it has helped me enhance my ability towards leadership, communication skills, as well as responsibility, that i am proud to put towards my work ethics.
Read reviews by Darin.
Johnn Christian Vasquez Johnn Christian Vassquez
ZUMIX Radio | Boston, MA

My name is Johnn Christian Vasquez, I am 15 years old and I am a 10th grader attending the Pioneer Charter School of Science. I have many hobbies of which include swimming, playing soccer and reading. I have been swimming for 9 years already and have taken part of many regional competitions. I am currently in the honors class and plan to go to Boston University to study neurology or to Stanford university to study psychology">Read reviews by Johnn.
Manon Bonnet Manon Bonnet
Terrascope Youth Radio | Cambridge, MA

Manon, 16. Born in Santa Fe, NM, lived in Seattle, WA, currently in Cambridge, MA. Liberal and gay. Anarcho-primitivist. I work at Terrascope Youth Radio.
Read reviews by Manon.
Charlotte McDonald Charlotte McDonald – Youth Environmental Editorial Board
Blunt Youth Radio Project Alum | Portland, ME

I did Blunt and worked a little with Terrascope Youth Radio during high school. Now I'm on GPRX's Youth Environmental Editorial Board.
Read reviews by Charlotte.
Brit McGinnis Brit McGinnis
Independent Producer | Bend, OR

Hello! My dream's to work in public radio, to write books that make others think, to rise above the legacy of poverty pervading my city, and to help shake awake my ever-apathetic generation. I'm a medium-town girl with a big-city voice. I talk fast and eat slow. I love music and adore noise. I wear trench coats on trains and a bun in the studio. I've seen the streets, and they say hello. Call me Brit.
Read reviews by Brit.
Jemima Williams Jemima Williams
People's Production House | New York, NY

My name is Jemima Williams and I am seventeen years old. I was born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, and migrated to America at the age of two. With a family member involved with media my interest was sparked. I have been working with media for seven years but radio for three. Dancing, acting, singing, fencing, cheerleading, law, radio, student government, and the step team are clubs I have been involved in. I will continue to work in media until it isn't possible anymore.
Read reviews by Jemima.
Mark Saldaña Mark Saldaña- Youth Environmental Editorial Board
Independent producer| St. Paul, MN

I'm a student at Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota, and I study the anthropology of urban spaces. Besides composing radio pieces, I like writing short stories, reading Haruki Murakami, learning to cook, playing my housemate's drums, and biking to class.I just returned from half a year in Tokyo (tanoshikatta da yo!) and am helping create a community narratives project in the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul. Projects are great, especially with ample amounts of collaboration – feel free to get in touch!
Read reviews by Mark.
Sarah Zabel Sarah Zabel
Y-Press | Indianapolis, IN

Hi! I'm a senior at Brownsburg High School. I fully believe in the power of youth. Seeing pieces with a youth voice is inspiring as well as driving. The youth voice does matter, and people are recognizing that more and more. Thank goodness, right?
Read reviews by Sarah.
Mara Kumagai Fink Mara Kumagai Fink
MPR News Youth Radio | Saint Paul, MN

I am a senior at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota and I love radio!
Read reviews by Mara.
Conor Cole Conor Campili Cole – Youth Environmental Editorial Board
Youth Media Project | Santa Fe, NM

I'm 16 years old and I mostly write commentaries for audio revolution, a show for the youth every other week on Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m on 101.1 KSFR. I have lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for almost a year now. My hobbies are video games and eletric bass.
Read reviews by Conor.
A. Greene A. Greene
City High Radio | Tucson, AZ

My name is A, which is short for Adriane. I got into radio in 2009, and am currently taking a radio class in my school, City High. I have recorded two pieces which are on the City High School PRX page.Some things I enjoy are cats, otters, Harry Potter, vegan treats, cold hands, knitting and arcade games. Some things I don't like are zits, large bruises, dark circles under my eyes, and when crayons break when you're using them.
Read reviews by A.
Sara Zhang Sara Zhang
WHJE Radio | Carmel, IN

Hi! I'm Sara, a student producer from Indiana. I'm a part of WHJE Radio, a high school station based in Carmel. I started participating in radio two years ago, when I was a sophomore. I'm interested in all aspects of radio, but particularly in depth reporting.
Read reviews by Sara
Alexandros Zervos Alexandros Zervos – Youth Environmental Editorial Board
Terrascope Youth Radio | Cambridge, MA

I'm Alexandros, I work for Terrascope Youth Radio. Now then…Well…I like learning about interesting topics, and I like discussing these interesting topics with other people who may/may not have different ideas. I don't like people who self-identify with certain ideologies and wind up having minimal knowledge in that area. I really like challenging people's ideals in debate like contexts to really get a further understanding of ideas and also just to really see if they are really who they say they are. Other than that I am pretty much open to the acceptance of most ideas, but I still have my own set principals that I stick with; of course those are subject to change as well. Though I am biased to anything that is entertaining.
Read reviews by Alexandros
Chris Chris
Woodside Learning Center | San Francisco, CA

My name is Chris, and I'm currently incarcerated in San Francisco's Juvenile Justice Center, speaking on behalf of myself and my fellow detainees. We are a group of young males of color, collectively enduring stress and frustration, hoping that soon we will leave and be able to be free and with our families. We are all from the streets of San Francisco. We grew up in both poverty and violence. As a group, we cannot only be defined as the “gangstas” and “thugs” in which society stereotypes us. Rather, our group of unorthodox young men is unique, loving, understanding, intelligent, and we can't forget charismatic. While our personalities vary, we share interests in education, sports, music, reading, and an undying appreciation for women. During our incarceration, we have developed our life goals, all of which require obtaining our high school diplomas. Our goals include becoming architects, counselors, painters, plumbers, farmers, and construction workers to name a few. Our accomplishments range in scope. As a group, we recently published a book called "Memoir, a Noun", which can be found in bookshops and libraries throughout San Francisco. Also, we publish our writing regularly in the magazine “The Beat Within”, and recently we have some of our poetry has been recorded and published on the website “If These Walls Could Talk.”
Read reviews by Chris and his classmates
Kathryn Kaye Kathryn Kaye – Youth Environmental Editorial Board
Curie Youth Radio | Chicago, IL

I am a member of Curie Youth Radio, a group of youth producers on Chicago's Southwest side. We work to get youth voices heard on the air by producing pieces about todays issues as heard through the ears of Chicago teens. I believe in recycling, stopping pollution, saving animals and habitat, and using alternative energies.
Read reviews by Kathryn
Josetta Adams Josetta Adams
Radio Rookies | New York, NY

My name is Josetta (aka Joey) and I was born and raised mostly in Brooklyn, NY- I spent a few earlier years in a Caribbean country called St. Vincent. I love to sing, dance, play video games and trying new things. I have participated in numerous activities that involve activism, acting, singing, reporting, designing, and peer educating. If I'm not outside doing something fun, interesting, or new, then I'm at home in my room either playing with my kitty or rocking out on my guitar….Not much of a tv watcher. I'm someone who tries to be very aware of my surroundings and environment, I'm vegetarian and an animal lover ^_^A radio related program that I have recently completed was Radio Rookies at WNYC. My story, "I'm Not Emo" aired in New York on December 2, 2008. Radio Rookies has had a positive effect on my life. Today, I still keep in contact with my R.R family :)
Read reviews by Josetta
Ness Smith-Savedoff Ness Smith-Savedoff
Blunt Youth Radio | Portland, ME

I'm Ness, and I always start with that. I am a student with an appreciation for adventure and crazy ideas. I am motivated by people saying I can't do things and love pulling off elaborate projects. As well as radio, which I am about waist deep in, I am a musician. I am up to my neck in music. Currently the drummer for Dysfunktional Mayhem, I also play bass and guitar. I was born in Maryland, grew up there and then my family moved to Geneva, Switzerland for three years. Went to Portland, ME from there, and that is where I still am. Volunteering with Blunt Youth Radio and a DJ Sub on WMPG. Send me a note if you want to talk :)
Read reviews by Ness
Hansi Wang
Chinatown Youth Radio Philadelphia | Philadelphia, PA

Hansi Lo Wang is a senior producer of War News Radio and founder of Chinatown Youth Radio Philadelphia (ChYRP). He is currently a senior at Swarthmore College.War News Radio fills the gaps in the media's coverage of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan by providing balanced and in-depth reporting, historical perspective, and personal stories. Today the program is heard around the country on over 50 radio stations and around the world by thousands on-line.Engaging young people with radio production, Chinatown Youth Radio Philadelphia (ChYRP) seeks to inspire a new generation of student journalists to think more critically about their community and the world around them and to become more effective and informed leaders of tomorrow, while filling in the longstanding gap of mainstream media's coverage of the Asian American community.
Read reviews by Hansi
Diego Ruiz Diego Ruiz – Youth Environmental Editorial Board
outLoud Radio | San Francisco, CA

18 year old youth producer with outLoud radio, the country's only LGBTQ youth radio organization. Currently attending Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Read reviews by Diego
Hrishikesh Deshpande Hrishi Deshpande
Y Press | Indianapolis, Indiana

Age: 13
School: Shelbyville Middle School
Interests: sports, cars, computers
Hobbies: writing, reading, sports
Favorite Color: royal blue
Favorite Book(s): TIKI: My Life in the Game and Beyond
Favorite Movie(s): Talladega Nights
Favorite Food: American food, Indian food, Italian food
Read reviews by Hrishi
Eming Piansay Eming Piansay
YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia Media | San Francisco, California

I'm a youth media producer for YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia Media. I'm a blogger, writer, and video editor. I'm a journalism student at San Francisco State University.
Read reviews by Eming
Paul Quamahongnewa Paul Quamahongnewa
Hopi High | Hopi, Arizona

Nukwangtalongva! My name is Paul Quamahongnewa and I am a senior at Hopi Jr./Sr. High School. I am a three year veteran in my radio class and also I am an award winner in radio broadcasting, mainly in sports coverage. My ethnicity is Hopi and I am involved in my cultural activities. I participate in sports, in cross country where our cross country program is going towards our 19th consecutive state championship, a national and state record. I also play basketball and throw in track and field. I just recently got selected to be a part of the editorial board and I hope I will do a good job. During the summer I worked at my local radio station, KUYI 88.1FM , manning the control room, doing production work such as underwriting, public service announcements and promos. If you have any questions, all you have to do is ask. Peace out!
Read reviews by Paul
Lillian Warner Lillian Warner
Weekday High | Seattle, Washington

I'm 17 and a senior at Blanchet High School in Seattle. I don't have my driver's license yet, so I spend a lot of time on the bus. I started listening to KUOW when my iPod broke. I really really liked it, so I decided to apply for the Weekday High summer internship. Luckily, I got accepted, and it was awesome. I learned so much from so many cool people. It was for sure the highlight of my summer. Anyway, these days, I'm just thinking about school and college stuff a lot. Definitely not as fun as doing radio stuff all day, like I did this summer!
Read reviews by Lillian
Thao To Thao To
outLoud Radio | San Francisco, California

I first got into radio when I joined OutLoud Radio. Noah, my boss, is a great guy and he taught me everything I know about radio. Now, it's been about a year since I've been with them and I'm still learning what makes a great radio piece and how to create a great one. I love drawing too, so I'm OutLoud Radio's artist. Yay me XD
Read reviews by Thao
Scott Meyers Scott Meyers
Independent Producer | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I like: Story telling, tea, poetry, cranking my shower to the right temp with one simple twist of the wrist, The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show, trees, sarvodaya.
I dislike: Going to the DMV, those who don't refill ice cube trays, ignorance, not being multilingual, hair on bar soap, cognitive dissonance.
I hope: We invest in youth and education more, to maximize my potential, I can finally stop this current streak of nasty haircuts, I make you feel better.
I would agree with Kurt Vonnegut when he said, "We are here on Earth to fart around."
Read reviews by Scott
Kaila Strickland Kaila Strickland
826NYC | Brooklyn, New York

Kaila is 16 years old attending high school for journalism. She absolutely loves t-shirts and sneakers. Kaila is also part of a theatre group with the organization PRY and part of the editorial committee for the publication she has been working on [interviewing, writing, and editing], STEW. She was introduced to PRX through journalists at Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store/826NYC [ thanks!]
Read reviews by Kaila
Libby Donovan Libby Donovan
Blunt Youth Radio | Portland, Maine

Hey! I'm Libby Donovan a reporter/producer/host for the Blunt Youth Radio Project. I live in South Portland Maine and I'm a junior at South Portland High. I won a PSA recycling radio ad contest which is cool. Right now I can't believe I'm gonna be senior next year!
Read reviews by Libby
Sarah Lange Sarah Lange
Columbia College | Chicago, Illinois

I'm a senior at Columbia College in the radio department. Currently I host and produce my own show at WCRX, called the Global Lounge. The show highlights international musicians of all genres and includes a news segment -"Global Goods"-that reports on GOOD news around the world.
Read reviews by Sarah
KaMeisha Jerae Hodge KaMeisha Jerae Hodge
WAMU Youth Voices | Washington D.C.

I am a student at Lafayette College who plans to graduate in 2011, majoring in something along the lines of English, Writing, Journalism, or Social Work. Writing and Journalism are my passion. Writing in general is my life.
Read reviews by KaMeisha
Zoë Bossiere Zoë Bossiere
City High School | Tucson, Arizona

I'm a sophmore in high school; I go to this really… unusual school called City High School. It's not at all like other schools. I love it here, actually.
Oh, but I'm not supposed to be taking about that, right? This is about me.
Well, I guess your school is a big part of who you are, so why not? I'll leave that in here.
Anyway, I'm 15 years old, and I really love my friends, writing, drawing (every once in a while; I'm not too good, you see), music, and, newly, radio.
I live in Arizona; that picture there is of me and my family's little VW bus. We don't live in it, though; it's just for vacation, but I like how small RVs have nifty little hiding places for everything, which at the same time really sucks because I forget where I put all my stuff.
Okay. I think I'll stop for now.
If I think of anything else I'll add it later…
Read reviews by Zoe
Minhal Baig Minhal Baig
Teen Radio Project | Chicago, Illinois

A senior at Northside College Preparatory High School. Interested in pursuing broadcast journalism in college. I enjoy existentialism and write poetry in my free time.-Participant of Teen Radio project, headed by Shannon Heffernan and Jenn Greco and located on the Loyola University campus through a partnership with WLUW, a community radio station.
- Created "Desegregation in Chicago Public Schools in the Aftermath of PICS v. Seattle," which was licensed by WXLV.
- Youth Editorial Board member of GenerationPRX.
- Working on a 7-minute radio story on English Language Learners and ESL education in Chicago Public Schools with Chicago Public Radio.
- Will participate in Ear to Ground mentorship program, an initiative of WBEZ.
- Will create a radio segment on National Novel Writing Month for WrimoRadio.
My favorite radio station is WBEZ (91.5FM), Chicago Public Radio. I love NPR, Vocalo, This American Life and This I Believe essays.
Read reviews by Minhal
Becca Starr Becca Starr
Youth Radio Vermont | Middlebury, Vermont

I'm a two-time youth producer who loves listening to new kinds of pieces!
Read reviews by Becca
Matt Terrell Matt Terrell
SCAD Radio | Savannah, Georgia

I'm Matt Terrell and I'm an indy producer straight out of Savannah, Georgia.
Let's radio the pants off this place.
Read reviews by Matt
Kwabena Adomako Amankwah Kwabena Adomako Amankwah
Youth Mic | New York, New York

I am a very sexy freshmen from a high school in New York. I am a 15 year old young man who is on the go. I know what I want and when I want it I go for it. I am a teen who is way beyond his time and looks for the best in life. I love writing, I love Fashion and music (that's all hot), and producing radio.
Read reviews by Adomako
Martin Burch Martin Burch
Santa Fe Youth Radio | Santa Fe, New Mexico

My name is Carl Martin Burch. But please call me Martin. Everybody does. I am a freshman at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces with a major in Agricultural Communications. Before moving to Las Cruces I lived in the capitol of New Mexico, Santa Fe, for six years and helped to found the Santa Fe Youth Radio Project.
Read reviews by Martin
Erika Mahoney Erika Mahoney
Overdub: Youth Radio Outloud | Boulder, Colorado

Hello, I am Erika Mahoney, a seventeen year old junior at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado. I was born in Pasadena, California, and even though the Rockies are beautiful, I really miss the ocean. Anyway, I love to write, sing, dance, play piano, read, act, participate in Model UN, swim, and, of course, produce radio shows. I have been a teen radio producer for KGNU Boulder for over two years now. I got interested in the youth program there after I took a summer course in radio. Soon after, I joined the youth group called Overdub: Youth Radio Outloud. I love being able to produce radio shows because it is such a great opportunity to be able to voice my opinion and the opinions of other teenagers. Journalism is definitely my passion and I plan on studying journalism in college. I write for our school newspaper, I produce radio shows for KGNU, and when I grow up, my dream is to become a television news reporter.
Read reviews by Erika
Felix Poleheptewa Felix Poleheptewa
Hopi High Radio | Kykotsmovi, Arizona

Felix is from the Hopi Resvervation and is in his last year of high school at Hopi Jr/Sr High School in Keams Canyon, AZ. As part of a radio class I've been doing a lot of things concerning radio and a little newspaper. I also know a lot about computers but my knowlegde is limited. About Hopi High is I've been here since 7th grade and have seen changes to the school and codes. Most people know, but not every knows me. My time is spent mostly at my 6th hour class doing work on the computer for my PRX home page. I come from Kykotsmovi on Black Mesa in Northern Arizona. The reason why I joined radio class is because it will give me a chance to express my opinion thru the air and also it will give me a chance to practice with my voice and send it through the internet and others can hear my thoughts on different subjects.
Read reviews by Felix
Lucia Martinez
KUNM Youth Radio | Albuquerque, New Mexico

I'm Lucia Martinez, I'm part of KUNM's (Albuquerque New Mexico) Youth Radio Program. I grew up around radio, my mom has done a show at KUNM for about 8 years. So when I heard about the Youth Radio project a little over a year ago I jumped in. Youth Radio 89.9 does a show weekly. There are about 14 youth producers and 4 adult producers that guide us along. I love the work i do with Youth Radio. I'm 13, I enjoy reading, writing, radio, photography and music. I intend on becoming a journalist, and I'm really looking foward to being a part of PRX.
Read reviews by Lucia
Holly Leopardi Holly Leopardi
Loud and Clear | Salt Lake City, Utah

Holly Leopardi definitely likes to read. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah in a house with one bathroom and a very poor heating system. Her mother can often be heard saying, "Were you born in a barn? Shut the door!" or some variation on this phrase due to the season. One of Holly Leopardi's favorite past times is dressing dinosaurs in outfits, or thinking about what she wants to be when she grows up. Her dad and uncles want her to become a pilot. Often Holly Leopardi can be found roaming the streets of "Lake City" with her bike gang, that is when it isn't too cold. People tell her that she looks like her dad, however she does not find this to be a compliment considering her father is a middle aged man. Some times people tell her that she looks like her grandmother who was turned away from her dream of becoming a flight attendant when she was too short to reach the over-head bins. Whenever she gets the chance, Holly Leopardi likes to go on road trips, and has recently decided that her favorite large city is Chicago, and not only because it is the home of Ira Glass.
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Kyra Joseph Kyra Joseph
Radio Rootz | New York, NY

My name is Kyra Joseph, from Radio Rootz, which is a youth program that teaches radio production among several other valuable radio skills. There I was taught the procedures of making documentaries. I love dancing, but radio production is my passion. These are the two hobbies that keep me happy. I hope to major in communications in college. I believe that radio is one of the most powerful sources of media, because it allows the listener to paint whatever picture they want in their minds. I love what i do! I see radio as an effective way of voicing my opinion, it also allows people to see the world in an entirely different perspective.
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Warren Polk Warren Polk
Radio Arte | Chicago, Illinois

When I put my pen to the page and let my words run free/ some say I write raps others poetry/ Some call me a poet others say emcee/ I don't really care as long as you calling me, me/ Cause whether I write to the beat of a drum, or the beat of my heart/ I write words you can see in the dark.
My name is Warren Polk, I'm a youth producer at Radio Arte. I've been there for over two years, and I'm not planning to go anywhere anytime soon. I am also a Chicago born and bred poet, and emcee that goes by the name of Insight. I'm a serious advocate for both freedom of speech of all forms (writing, verbal, art) and providing youth with and outlet to speak their thoughts.
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Zoe Cordes Selbin
Youth Spin – KOOP 91.7 | Austin, Texas

I am Zoe, and I'm from a youth radio show in Austin, Texas. Our show, Youth Spin, airs on a community radio station, 91.7 KOOP. I have done a lot of different stuff–a fair amount of commentaries and collages, and some interviews. Some of my favorite things are music, reading, writing, and radio.
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