Youth EB Picks: A poem that will warm your heart

November 6, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Phuong Tseng

This poem, To My Little Brother, from WTIP, is a very special poem that might be difficult (or pleasant) to listen to. It will warm your heart and make your heart throb since it is about an older sister, the producer, and her motivational messages to her younger brother. In “Poem to My Little Brother,” Cailan Carpenter tells her story about how she is far away from home but she wants to send some important messages to her little brother. This piece caught me off guard when I was listening to it since I did not expect it to be so emotional. The producer did a fantastic job bringing this poem to life. If you’d like to take a listen and read my review of this audio piece, you may refer to the information below.

Review: Poem to my little brother

This piece is a poem by Cailan Carpenter’s, a sister who wants to express her care, admiration, and send some messages to her brother. The poem starts off with Cailan’s childhood images of her little brother. Then, she tells her audience about how her brother “is getting bullied,” and how much she misses her brother and wishes that she could spend some time with him. She also wishes that she could be near him to support him but she could not since she is far, far away; she expresses sadness in such a calm voice about her brother’s bloody nose and black eye. She ends her poem with some happy messages by sending some love and thoughts to her little brother. Cailan’s piece is quite emotional to listen to but very inspiring to hear. The pace of the piece is just so soothing and calm which makes the piece easy to comprehend. A sister's love for her little brother is very powerful. Although they are separated by hundreds and hundreds of miles, their love for each other will help them get through their hardships.