Youth EB Picks: London Teenager Campaigns for Autistic Adults

December 26, 2012 in GPRX Blog by dylan

London Teenager Campaigns for Autistic Adults from Deutsche Welle.

London teenager Bella Tommey‘s vision for autistic people to have the job opportunities they deserve comes from her relationship with her younger brother, Billy, who has autism.  She recognized that autistics had talents and strengths overlooked by most people and she set out to change their perceptions.  Billy’s Café was born. Named after her autistic brother, Billy’s Café is a series of popup cafes where people can meet, mingle and be served by autistic people.

This story had excellent sound quality, great editing and wonderful music to help set the tone.  The only major problem I found with the piece was the ending.  The story cuts out in the middle of what sounded like the last sentence, but all in all I found this to be an interesting and inspiring story that can help teach people more about autism, and maybe even inspire them to do something good for their community like Bella Tommey has done for hers.