Youth EB Picks: What is Young People's Oppression from On Blast

July 2, 2013 in GPRX Blog by Milton Guevara

While saying that young people are oppressed by rude adults may be an overstatement, there does seem to be a stigma among some adults that young people are “wild and irrational.”

In What is Young People's Oppression, Tiana shares her experience of being poorly served in a pizza shop. “She appears to be annoyed at the sight of our overstuffed backpacks and book filled arms,” Tiana says, describing a woman at the counter. This is a relatable moment. An elder being rude, probably for little or no reason. This piece is important because it addresses the tensions caused by generation gaps, and offers solutions to those tensions. Namely, using kindness.

Tiana is well spoken and her narration is easy to follow. She uses restaurant sounds during some of the narrative. Much of the story seemed like a personal essay.This piece made me think about whether or not it should considered normal for adults to be rude to young people.