Youth Editorial Board Picks: The Backpack

May 1, 2012 in GPRX Blog by Ali Tahir

My favorite piece in April was “The Backpack,” from Youth Media Project.

In the piece, youth producer Nofar Hamrani tells her story of buying a backpack and getting prepared for school. Her story, though, takes place in the Gaza Strip, one of the most war-torn regions in the world since 1947.

The piece starts with her going to look for a new backpack for the upcoming school year. She buys a new backpack and returns home. All seems normal until a terrorist attack occurs at her local shopping center, from where she bought the backpack. The attack changes her school life significantly. She now has to stay home and also coup with all the acquaintances she has lost. She ends the piece by telling of the attack’s effects on her family and friends and how the memory will always stay with her.

This was not only a moving story, but also a very unique one. Any time a youth radio producer has a unique story; it is tough to make it relatable for the audience. Nofar, however, does a very good job by using her experience of buying a backpack/going to school. This helps the audience see how war can affect everyday life.

The addition of ambient sound layered underneath Nofar’s narration would have placed the listener in her region and have made the piece even better. Overall, though, this piece does a great job of making a very powerful and emotional story relatable for the average listener. It also shows how important it is for Americans to hear youth voices from other places in the world.


Photo is by mL from Flickr, and can be found on the piece's link: