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Alaska TeenMedia Institute, Anchorage, AK (website)

American Student Radio, Bloomington, IN (website)

Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Center, Carbondale, CO

Appalachian Media Institute, Whitesburg, KY (website)

Blunt Radio, Portland, ME (website)

Brooklyn College Radio, Brooklyn, NY

Brown Student Radio, Providence, RI (website)

Chinatown Youth Radio Project, Boston, MA (website)

Chinatown Youth Radio Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

City High Radio, Tucson, AZ

Curie Youth Radio, Chicago, IL (website)

Cultural Energy Youth Radio Project, Taos, NM (website)

Freedom Radio Project, Berkeley, CA

Generation Justice, Albuquerque, NM (website)

Hopi High Radio, Polacca, AZ

Indigenous Voices Media, Thoreau, NM

Jack Straw Productions, Seattle, WA (website)

KBOO Youth Collective, Portland, OR (website)

Kids of Cat Youth Media Collective, Eugene, OR (website)

KURA – LP Ouray High School, Ouray, CO (website)

KVMR Static Radio, Nevada City, CA

KZMU Voices of Youth, Moab, UT

ListenUp New Orleans!, New Orleans, LA

Loud and Clear, Salt Lake City, UT (website)

MediaBridges, Cincinnati, OH (website)

NPR's Next Generation Radio, Washington, DC (website)

On Blast, Philadelphia, PA (website)

Open Orchard Productions, Palos Verdes, CA (website)

Outcasting, Westchester, NY (website)

outLoud Radio, San Francisco, CA (website)

Overdub, Boulder, CO (website)

Philly Youth Radio, Philadelphia, PA (website)

PRYME Youth Media, Cleveland, OH

RadioActive Youth Media, Seattle, WA (website)

Radio Arte, Chicago, IL (website)

Radio Revolution / WJFF, Jeffersonville, NY

WNYC Radio Rookies, New York, NY (website)

RadioRootz, New York, NY (website)

Road Kill Radio, New Haven, CT

SCAD Radio, Savannah, GA (website)

Spot 127, Phoenix, AZ (website)

Teen Attitudes, Alamosa, CO

Terrascope Youth Radio, Cambridge, MA (website)

UNICEF Radio and Voices of Youth: Digital Diaries, New York, NY (website)

Uniquely Spoken, Baltimore, MD

Voice of Youth, Roehnert Park, CA

WAMU Youth Voices, Washington, DC

KUOW RadioActive Youth Media, Seattle, WA (website)

WFHB – FM Rhino's Youth Center, Bloomington, IN (website)

WHJE Radio, Carmel, IN (website)

Youth Ideas Radio, New Haven, CT

Youth Media Project/SpiritHouse Inc, Santa Fe, NM (website)

Youth Mic, New York, NY (website)

Youth Noise Network / SpiritHouse Inc, Durham, NC (website)

Youth Outlook, Oakland, CA (website)

Y-Press, Indianapolis, IA (website)

Youth Radio, Berkeley, CA (website)

Youth Radio DC/Latin American Youth Center Art & Media House, Washington DC (website)

Youth Spin – KOOP91.7 FM, Austin, TX (website)

Youth Voice Collaborative, Boston, MA (website)

Zumix Zumix, Boston, MA (website)