Youth radio, in a nutshell

February 3, 2011 in GPRX Blog by Manon Bonnet

To me, Radio Rookie Vikky Cruz's "Best Couple" is the quintessential youth radio feature. The topic is current and indicative of the newest generational mindset – two girls receiving their high school's "best couple" yearbook superlative. The sound is a marvelous, multitasking mix of casual narration and the hectic ambience that teens often live in. Vikky is open and frank, lending the listener a compelling look into a part of her life. 

Radio can be a powerful medium for enacting change, and I think "Best Couple" fits the bill. I'm not suggesting it will singlehandedly strike down the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act – but that could happen if enough people hear this and other stories like it. It's not forcing any "agenda" but simply offers a real story from a viewpoint perhaps different from your own. 

Why don't you take a listen?